Achievements are an optional challenge to South Park: The Stick of Truth. There are 39 regular achievements, and 11 hidden achievements. It's recommended to consult guides before attempting to get all 50, as there are many permanent missables in the game. Achievements in bold are missable.

Regular AchievementsEdit

Picture Achievement Description Points Directions Extra Notes
New Kid on the Block
New Kid on the Block You have joined the KKK. 15 Complete The Bard.
First Day in South Park
First Day in South Park You completed your first day in South Park. 15 Complete Alien Abduction.
Gingivitis Gingers have bitten you 3 times without you blocking. 15 Let a ginger use Ginger Bite on you and don't block it. Unobtainable after Attack the School.
Day Walker
Day Walker You defeated the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles. 15 Loot freckles from an earlier ginger and wear it. Defeat the boss while wearing them. Unobtainable after the boss is defeated.
Made This for You
Made This For You You flung a turd of your own creation at an enemy. 15 Use a toilet to produce a Shit Nugget and throw it at an enemy during battle.
Are We Cool
Are We Cool? You found Jesus while playing as a Jew. 15 Choose the Jew class at the beginning of the game and complete Find Jesus.
Parkeologist You opened all of the garages in South Park. 15 Open all the garages in South Park. Garages at the storage center aren't required. Missable if Jimmy's garage key isn't looted during Main Story.
For the Hoarder
For the Hoarder You completed the game without selling any items. 15 Don't sell any item during the entire game and complete Betrayal From Within. Missable if you sell even one item during the Main Story.
Truth to Power
Truth to Power You farted on four major authority figures. 15 Fart on Principal Victoria, Mayor McDaniels, Father Maxi, and the Minister of Montreal. Missable if you forget to fart on the Minister of Montreal. If you have farted on all four but not gotten the achievement, try using the Cup-A-Spell on Mayor McDaniels.
Irritable Bowels
Irritable Bowels You shat your pants during a boss battle. 15 Eat a mana potion during a boss battle to fill your mana bar entirely, then overload it with another. Easiest way to obtain is during The Bard boss fight by not blocking the Brown Note attack.
Dog Whistle
Dog Whistle You've farted on a dog while in gnome form. 15 Fart on a dog in the Lost Woods while shrunk. Another possible dog is the junkyard dog summoned in "Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo".
Dragon Wrath
Dragon Wrath You've knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart outside of battle. 15 Knock out 3 or more enemies with Dragonshout or Cup a Spell outside of battle. Easily obtained during Attack the School. Lure the 3 enemies past the hose section with a Sneaky Squeaker to the wall, then blow it up with Cup a Spell.
Just Saying Hi
Just Saying Hi You've farted on every buddy in the game. 15 Fart on all 6 buddies.
Re-Buttal You interrupted 5 channel attacks by using a fart. 15 Use any fart in battle to interrupt a channeling attack. Easily obtainable with the Hall Monitor Boss or Underpants Gnomes.
Heisenberg You defeated the Meth Tweakers while wearing an Evil Cartman goatee and bald cap. 15 Wear the Evil Cartman goatee and bald cap and defeat the Meth Tweakers. The Evil Cartman goatee is found in Cartman's living room, and the bald cap is found in the police station, in Romer Stomper's cell. Complete his sidequest to open the door.
Shutout You successfully blocked every enemy attack in a single (non-tutorial) battle. 15 Block every attack in a single battle perfectly.
Stay Down
Stay Down You farted on 10 enemies in the world that were knocked out. 15 Use any fart on any enemy that's knocked out. Must be 10 different enemies.
Avenger You defeated 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy was knocked out. 15 Defeat 3 enemies while your buddy is knocked out. If there's 4 enemies, it's still possible to get the No Child Left Behind achievement if you revive them before KOing the 4th.
No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind You completed the game and never ended a battle with your buddy knocked out. 15 Complete Betrayal From Within and don't end a battle with your buddy knocked out. Unlock the Second Wind perk to fully heal an ally with Revive Potions to allow them to stay alive longer.
Poco Chinpoko
Poco Chinpoko You collected 5 Chinpokomon. 15 Collect 5 Chinpokomon in the game.
Chinpoko Loco
Chinpoko Loco You collected 15 Chinpokomon. 30 Collect 15 Chinpokomon.
Chinpokolypse You collected all of the Chinpokomon. 75 Collect every single Chinpokomon in the game. Many Chinpokomon are missable. Consult a guide. This is also required for the More Popular then John Lennon achievement.
Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues You befriended your father. 15 Friend your father on Facebook. Talk to him after you get 50 friends and he'll send you a friend request.
More Popular Than Jesus
More Popular Than Jesus You made friends with half of South Park. 30 Friend half of everyone in the game.
More Popular Than John Lennon
More Popular
Than John Lennon
Everyone in South Park is your friend. 75 Befriend everyone in the game. Refer here on how to befriend all available friends.
Junk Peddler
Junk Peddler You sold 300 junk items. 15 Sell 300 items in the Junk tab.
Ass of Fire
Ass of Fire You defeated 20 enemies with Cartman's ass. 15 Use Cartman's Burning Cloud special attack to defeat 20 enemies.
Canadian Handshake
Canadian Handshake You've farted on people 100 times. 15 Fart on people 100 times. Can be the same person.
Animal Cruelty
Animal Cruelty You've farted on animals 25 times. 15 Fart on animals 25 times with any fart. Cows and Rats don't count.
Pulling Mud
Pulling Mud In three separate battles, you've taken a shit in your pants. 15 Overload your mana bar in 3 separate battles. Overloading the mana bar means to eat a mana potion when your mana bar is already full.
Shopaholic You have collected half of the available costume sets. 15 Collect 60 sets of costumes. Costumes are in the armor tab, not the flair tab. Refer here on where to find them.
Clothes Whore
Clothes Whore You've collected all of the available costumes. 75 Collect every costume in the game. Some of these are missable. Refer here for a list of all the missable ones, as well as the rest.
Friends in Strange Places
Friends in Strange Places You befriended both crab people and gnomes. 15 Friend both the Underpants Gnome and Crab Person. Complete the Gnome's sidequest after the quest Defeat the Underpants Gnomes for his friend request, and use the Nagasaki fart to blow up the boulder in the sewers to reach the Crab Person.
Weapon Proficiency
Weapon Proficiency Over the course of the game, you've scored 100 perfect attacks. 15 Score 100 perfect attacks through the course of the game.
Skilled Defender
Skilled Defender Over the course of the game, you've blocked 100 attacks. 15 Block 100 attacks through the course of the game.
You Bastards
You bastards! You've let Kenny die 10 times over the course of the game. 15 You can let Kenny die by letting his HP go down to 0 or willingly let his special attacks fail. His kissing attack doesn't kill him. No Child Left Behind is still possible to obtain if you let Kenny revive himself before the battle ends.
Mastery You've unlocked all of the upgrades for a New Kid ability. 15 Unlock every upgrade for one ability.
Make it Rain
Make it Rain! You've spent $500. 15 Spend $500 over the course of the game.
Full Arsenal
Full Arsenal You own all weapons and costumes available in the game. 15 Own every weapon and armor piece in the game. Refer here on how to obtain them. You only need to own the item at one point, so you're free to sell them when you get them.

Hidden AchievementsEdit

Picture Achievement Description Points Directions Extra Notes
KKK Hero
KKK Hero You defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle. 30 During the Attack the School quest, fight and defeat Kyle. Missable if you choose to fight Cartman
Elven Hero
Elven Hero You defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle 30 During the Attack the School quest, fight and defeat Cartman. Missable if you choose to fight Kyle.
Noncomformist You befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game. 15 Complete the Gain New Allies quest.
Inside Joke
Inside Joke While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave. 15 Use the Rawhide Whip you obtained from Mr. Slave's sidequest while battling inside Mr. Slave's rectum. Missable if you complete the quest.
Acceptance You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself. 15 Either enter your name as Douchebag or say yes to both of Cartman's questions after you enter your name. Missable if you say no once.
Face Hoff
Face Hoff You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff. 15 Go to Tom's Rhinoplasty and choose The Hoff procedure and complete Betrayal From Within.
Two Girls One Stick
Two Girls, One Stick You defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise. 15 Wear all parts of the disguise the girls gave you in the Unplanned Parenthood quest and complete Betrayal From Within.
Outpatient You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS. 15 Complete Betrayal From Within while you have Dire AIDS. Dire AIDS can be contracted through the melee attacks of any enemy in Canada, although they rarely use basic melee attacks.
Perverted You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds. 15 During Defeat the Underpants Gnomes, exit the mouse hole and watch your parents have sex for 60 seconds. If you live with anyone else, either put headphones in or TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!
Stick Savior
Stick Savior You defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth. 30 Complete Betrayal From Within.
Too Far
Too Far You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus. 15 Use any fart on any dead Zombie Nazi Fetus. Farting on the boss Zombie fetus counts as well.