The Bank Teller is a minor character and enemy in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


The Bank Teller wears a black suit and a white striped tie. He has brown hair.


He works at the bank. When the New Kid talks to him, he will ask him to invest $20 dollars. If the New Kid does, he will recite a long list of things he does with the money, ending with "...and it's gone!".

Secret EnemyEdit

A little known secret about the Bank Teller is that he can optionally be fought as a regular enemy on Day 3. The New Kid simply needs to use Gnome Dust to shrink down and go through a well hidden hole behind the desk on the left. The Bank Teller is ridiculously easy to fight, as he has no Shields or Armor and no Special Attacks. His melee attack consists of kicking the New Kid or his buddy.

Once defeated, the New Kid can loot him for all the money that was invested into him over the course of the game (up to 3 investments of $60 total), plus interest. Important: you can't get back more than $150, when properly equipped (Bling equipment, Small Magnets, Buckyball Magnets, Fatbeard's Blade, Assassin Outfit), regardless of how many times you invest, so beware. After defeat, the Bank Teller dies, and after the game, for some reason, his corpse disappears.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Bank Teller says "...And it's gone!", it is a reference to the Season 13 episode, Margaritaville.


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