Bebe Stevens is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

The Stick of Truth Don't gaze at it too long!

This article contains plot details about the game. Do not read ahead if you don't want it spoiled!


Bebe normally wears a red jacket with light gray trim and dark green pants. Bebe also has frizzy blond hair.

When playing with the boys, she wears a green headband, a blue cape, two yellow plates on her breasts, and a brown belt. She also has a braid in her hair and carries a spear.



Bebe appears during Recruit the Girls as a major member of the girls' club. She thinks it's hot that The New Kid doesn't talk, agrees with the suggestion for the New Kid to help with Monica Ryland, and friends the New Kid along with Wendy and Red upon completion of Recruit the Girls.


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