Nazi Zombie Chef: A boss battle you fight in Clydesdale fortress near the end of the game

Jesus: Can be your friend found in a side quest start side quest by talking to priest Maxi

Santa: Can be friended found on the roof of the police building

Tom Cruise: Can be heard from Stans closet

David Hasselhoff: A nose job option at Tom's Rhinoplasty

Crab Person: Can be friended found in the sewers (must have Nagasaki

Mr Hanky and his family: All can be friended after completing side quest found in sewers

Professor Chaos: One of Butters Abilities also his lair can be found in on of the storage places

Al Gore: Can be friended and unfriended found near movie theaters

Lemmiwinks: Can be friended found in fifth grade classroom in school

Part 2  easter eggs coming soon


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