Chris Donnelyis a character from South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is a member of the Drow Elves.

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Appearance Edit

Chris Donnely has bushy blond hair. He wears pointy ears like the other Drow Elves, as well as a brown cape, light green armor with a brown belt, dark green pants, and black shoes.

Prominence Edit

Role Edit

Chris Donnely is a member of the Drow Elves, and fights alongside them in all the battles. He distrusts and dislikes the New Kid. For most of the game, he can be found at the Elven Kingdom, and grudgingly befriends the New Kid after the two factions join forces.

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  • Chris Donnely has not made any appearances in the South Park TV series prior to the release of The Stick of Truth aside from background cameos in the "Black Friday" trilogy which served as a tie-in to the game. He sided with Stan and the PS4 faction against Cartman and the Xbox faction. 
  • Chris Donnely originally played a much larger part in the game during development. Much of his role was scrapped for unknown reasons. What is known is that he originally served as a boss during The Bard.
  • If players use ranged attacks, Dragonshout or Cup-a-Spell on him, he will reveal the sword he was originally going to use in said boss fight, before he puts it away.

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