The Kingdom of Kupa Keep is one of the factions fighting for control of The Stick of Truth. The base for the faction is located at Kupa Keep in Eric Cartman's backyard, and is made up of cardboard boxes.

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Special AttacksEdit

  • Conscripted Fury - Used by the KKK Soldiers, gains attack up and ability up before attacking opponent.
  • Blighted Bolts - Used by the KKK Crossbowmen/Rangers, now claims that his bolts now drain PP.
  • Slime Bolts - Used by the KKK Crossbowmen/Rangers, his bolts now inflict grossed out.
  • Bloody Blow - Used by the KKK Paragons, does one single powerful attack that inflicts bleeding.
  • Convalescence - Used by the KKK Abbots, heals and cures a team member.
  • Bounce Back - Used by the KKK Abbots, revives a team member for full health.


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