The Ginger Hallway Monitors are enemies fought at school during Detention Sentence, and later on during Attack the School as Nazi Zombies. Numerous of them have died, some died as humans and some as Nazi Zombies.


  • "Excuse me but school is out and no students allowed on the premises until tomorrow at 7:30 A.M."
  • "You are in breach of school law and must be punished!"
  • "Intruder alert!"
  • "Initiate security protocol!"
  • "Papers, please."
  • "This is a restricted hallway!"
  • "I'm taking fire!"
  • "We're overrun!"
  • "Help!"
  • "He's here! Guard the key!"
  • "You're just making it harder on yourself."
  • "We've established a perimeter."
  • "Forget the key! Protect the front lines!"
  • "School is closed!"
  • "They're gonna eat you alive in detention."


  • Melee - Attacks you with scissors, ruler, or pencil. (varies)
  • Ginger Strikes - Melee attack now inflicts bleeding if not blocked.
  • Defense in the Red - Hall monitor gains a 3-hit shield and doubles his armor.
  • Gingerbread Break - Eats some gingerbread to regain health.
  • Ranged Attack - Throws a dodgeball at you or your buddy.
  • Call for Backup - Summons another hall monitor.
  • Touch of the Ginger - Ginger pokes you, causes gross out and defense down if not blocked.
  • Red Death from Above - Throws a golf ball, tennis ball, and baseball at you for high damage.
  • Ginger Bite - Bites you or buddy causing high damage, bleeding, and slowed if not blocked. This attack is rare.


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