Liane Cartman is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. She is the mother of Eric Cartman.


When the New Kid enters Cartman's house, she asks Cartman who his friend is and Cartman replies by saying, "Shut up Mom, not now." When the New Kid tries to talk to her after that, Cartman says, "Don't talk to her, she's not part of game."

When the New Kid leaves Cartman's house, talking to Mrs. Cartman before she leaves, she befriends him on Facebook and outside of minor appearances here and there, she has no role in the story.



  • Liane has a lot of bongs and sex toys in her room if you visit it, referencing her promiscuity.
  • Liane will either moan if you fart on her or ask if it's Spanish.
  • Like Mr. Slave, she enjoys getting hit by the New Kid.

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