Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is a Hollywood actor who appears in South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


South Park: The Stick of TruthEdit

After Princess Kenny joins the Big Bad Government Guy's side, Morgan Freeman appears and explains why Kenny betrayed them. Kyle then asks Mr. Freeman why he appears when something needs explaining. He tells Kyle that the reason is because every time he does, he earns a freckle (which he just did after that).

South Park: The Fractured But WholeEdit

Morgan freeman tfbw screenshot

Morgan Freeman at Freeman's Tacos.

When you enter Freeman's Tacos, Morgan Freeman will explain to you how crafting works. Morgan Freeman can be fought by going behind the counter and hitting him three times, either punching him or use a firecracker. Afterwards he will consider giving Freeman's Tacos to the New Kid in his will.

Abilities Edit

  • Million Dollar Bitchslap: Deals high damage and knock back an enemy.
  • Fart Sensei: Hit a 3x3 tile range on his left or right, inflicts grossed out.
  • Glistening Freckles: Charm an enemy anywhere on the battle field.


South Park: The Stick of Truth Edit

  • "Because Princess Kenny was born a half-orc"
  • "...whose entire village was wiped out by humans and elves."
  • "You see, humans and elves lived TOGETHER in the forest of Hollow Falls, an elven queen fell in love with the orc known as Dandar - the first one to possess the Stick of Truth."
  • "They loved in secret and had a child, a beautiful little girl, a girl who watched as everyone she loved was killed in cold blood."
  • "And that is why she waited... and plotted... all this time. To take the Stick from you. For Princess Kenny is the true heir to the Stick of Truth."
  • "Because everytime I show up and explain something, I earn a freckle."

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Edit

Story/Field Edit

  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
  • "You're digging your own grave, kid."
  • "Real cute, kid."

Battle Edit

  • "You think your farts are pretty bad, eh kid? Well, I'll be the judge of that."
  • "Listen to my heavenly voice and gaze upon my freckles. Congratulations. You've just been Freeman'd." (Using Glistening Freckles)
  • "You've gotten stronger, New Kid, I'll give you that."
  • "You've got me on the ropes, New Kid...but I'm not out yet."
  • "You have potential, kid. Maybe I'll leave the old taco shop to you at my will." (After being defeated)
  • Turn Start
    • "Whatever happens next, just remember who picked this fight."
    • "You sure you're ready? OK, here it goes."
    • "You wouldn't like Morgan Freeman when he's angry."
  • After using Fart Sensei
    • "Now just let that sink in."
    • "Refried beans just do not agree with me."
    • "That's called a kiss from the lips that never smile."
    • "That's gonna leave some residue."
  • Attacked
    • "Cute trick, kid. You learn that from your funny books?"
    • "I'm trying to run a respectable restaurant here, kid."
    • "Is this the end of Morgan Freeman? ...No, it is not."
    • "Not bad, kid. I almost felt that."
    • "Oh, nice try."
    • "This how you get your rocks off, kid? Tormenting taqueria owners?"
    • "This isn't particularly heroic behavior, superhero."
    • "You got me where you want me. Or, do you?"
    • "You've got a funny way of treating your mentors."
  • Attacked by Toolshed
    • "Put those tools away before I stick them up your ass."
  • Bleeding
    • "Huh, I'm not used to being covered in my own blood."
  • Start Burning
    • "Easy with the burning, kid. This apron was a gift from Michael Caine."
    • "Oh, look, I'm burning. What do you know?"
  • Burning
    • "Ooh, that hurts."
    • "We're still doing this burning thing, huh?"
  • Enraged
    • "Morgan Freeman is about to go Mel Gibson on your ass."
    • Shining Hate Finger (Super Craig)
      • Morgan Freeman: "You can't do shit to me, Super Craig."
        Super Craig: "Man, Morgan Freeman's kind of a dick."


  • Morgan Freeman will not fight if the player is black, as "blacks has to stick together", despite this, the player can still select Tupperware as an ally.

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