Roger Donovan is a minor character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is the father of Clyde Donovan.

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Roger Donovan has dark brown hair, wears glasses and has a large chin. Roger also wears a dark green coat over a buttoned white shirt and dark blue pants.


  • Attack the School - Offers Clyde a sandwich while he makes his Ruler of Darkness video. Later answers the door when the boys and the New Kid ask to speak to Clyde.
  • Beat Up Clyde - Watches in utter confusion as Cartman and Kyle's army run through his front door.


He has no major role in the story. When everyone found out that Clyde had the stick, they rushed over to his house. Mr. Donovan answered the door and Cartman angrily asked, "MAY WE SPEAK TO CLYDE PLEASE?!?" He then tells everyone that he's outside and that's where they discover Clyde's fortress. He later appears at the doorway when all of the kids fight Clyde in the backyard.


  • Unlike most of the other parent characters, the subtitles call him "Clyde's Dad" rather than "Mr. Donovan."