South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a role-playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft.

It is the sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, and it is based on the animated television series South Park. The game was released worldwide on October 17, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was also released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on April 24, 2018.

The game was created and written by Trey Parker, who also creates and writes the animated show South Park.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole picks up the story where South Park: The Stick of Truth ended. An episode of the South Park television series is made that ties the two games together, this episode is known as Franchise Prequel.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole takes place in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. As the game begins, The Coon is at a table in the Coon Lair where he and friends are dressed as superheroes. The Coon has planned out the group's film franchise and is explaining it to the group. Arguments ensue and the group is split in two. One group becomes Coon and Friends while the now opposing group calls themselves Freedom Pals, led by Mysterion. The Freedom Pals demand their own franchise and a 'civil war' between the two superhero group begins.

The Coon's Opening Story Edit

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"What has become of this city? There used to be laws, justice. Not anymore. Crime is out of control - cats are missing and townspeople are being victimized. We were supposed to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Now superheroes are torn apart by political differences. We are two sides, at war, but war isn't going to save our city. Time travel is my only hope now. Myths tell of ancient times, when a new king united a kingdom, torn apart by a powerful stick. There is no time to waste. I have to go back, change the present if I can, and find this cat, and in doing so perhaps I can change what has all of us."

The Coon has traveled back to 'Ancient Zaron' in 627 A.D. The King's soldiers are in a war (the children are role-playing in the street) and their side is losing. The King (player The New Kid) is missing and has apparently left the battle to sit on the throne (Toilet).

The King is called outside to protect his soldiers. After the fight, Coon shows up and claims to be from the future. He has returned to the past to fix the future and the children agree to play as superheroes. New Kid finds the Coon Lair and is given a superhero backstory by Coon. Coon sends New Kid out to find clues to locate a missing cat.

Combat OverviewEdit

South Park: The Fractured But Whole uses a turn-based combat system. The player can start a fight by punching the enemy. Attacking an enemy first grants Combat Advantage, giving the player the first turn. When combat starts, the floor area becomes a grid. The turn order is displayed in a timeline at the bottom right corner of the screen. Players can move their character and buddies in specified areas of the grid marked in blue.

Different abilities affect different areas of the combat grid. The diagram under a power's icon allows the player to view the ability's range. Pressing the control for the ability will show the affected areas of the grid. Players can end their turn or cancel an ability by using the appropriate control. Combat automatically ends when either the player's team or opposing enemies are defeated.

The player will be able to choose one of three classes at the beginning of the game: Brutalist, Blaster or Speedster. Additional classes can be unlocked during game play.

Downloadable Content Edit

Name Description Release Date
Relics of Zaron Pay homage to the epic war waged for the Stick of Truth with the Relics of Zaron – Stick of Truth Costumes and Perks Pack. October 17, 2017
Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
Towelie: Your Gaming Bud Receive an exclusive in-game assistant, Towelie: Your Gaming Bud. The streets of South Park aren't as safe as they used to be and even the most seasoned South Park veteran will need help. "Towelie: Your Gaming Bud" provides unique assistance to players at key locations throughout the game October 30, 2017
Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
Danger Deck The challenging Danger Deck will teleport you to never before seen locations throughout South Park to fight enemy encounters custom crafted by Tupperware. You can access Danger Deck in the Freedom Pals Base by interacting with the Danger Deck terminal, where you and your team of superheroes will be transported into these holographic battles. 

These increasingly difficult encounters, comprised of a variety of different enemies from the game, will test and push the limits of any superhero. You’ll be rewarded with items and costumes that are also usable on alternate playthroughs of the game.

December 19, 2017
Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
From Dusk till Casa Bonita Mysterion's sister is in trouble. She's fallen in with the Vamp Kids of South Park, who have descended upon Cartman's favorite restaurant, Casa Bonita. Visit the famous family eatery and explore Black Bart's Cave, watch the cliff divers, taste the magic of Mexico and defeat the brood of Vampires

Fight darkness with darkness and embrace the new Netherborn class, which features four new occult powers. Dress the part in new Goth costumes and gain some sweet loot. Enter the battle alongside Henrietta, the Goth: a powerful support Witch, and bring your new powers and buddy to the rest of your superhero adventure.

March 20, 2018
Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
Bring the Crunch To Be Announced Summer 2018


  • This is the first South Park game to be developed by Ubisoft.
  • This is the first South Park game to have actual DLCs.
  • This game shows that Stan and Wendy did get back together after the gender wars in Season 20, as evident by their constant flirting if they are both selected as allies and the fact that they're listed as dating on the relationship chart.
  • This is the second game in the franchise to be canon to the series after South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • This is currently the longest South Park game.
  • Cartman is unplayable after the main story, likely due to the havoc he caused. He is later included in a patch update.
  • Players who pre-ordered or purchased the game prior to January 1, 2018, received a code to obtain the free-digital copy to South Park: The Stick of Truth. Starting from January 1, 2018, players who desire to play The Stick of Truth must purchase the game digitally, the game can be purchase as a stand-alone or as a pack along with The Fractured But Whole.



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