Stan's House is the home of Stan Marsh, Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh and Shelly Marsh.

Appearance Edit

Stan's House has the color of an extremely dark green on the outside and is a standard South Park house with four windows on the front and a garage to the right of the house.

Role Edit

Stan's house has no role in the main storyline, but is a part of the side quest, The She-Ogre.


  • Randy can only be shown in the house before the quest, Alien Abduction; for the rest of the game he is at the Community Center.
  • Sharon is never shown in the house (even when Randy calls for her when he's in the house), because she is at work at Tom's Rhinoplasty.
  • The New Kid cannot see what's in Stan's closet because the person (Tom Cruise) is still hiding in there, if you tried to open the closet he will say, "I'm never coming out!"