Stephen Stotch is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is the father of Butters Stotch and the husband of Linda Stotch.

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Stephen wears an olive green shirt with a white tie, blue pants with a brown belt and a gold buckle, and black shoes. He has light brown hair.


  • PTA Problems - Speaks at the PTA meeting regarding the construction of the new Taco Bell.


South Park: The Stick of Truth Edit

Stephen's only appearance during the main quest is when he attends and speaks at the PTA meeting regarding the new Taco Bell. During the rest of the game, he can be found at Butters' house. The New Kid can talk to him to friend him. When the New Kid befriends him, he tells him to let him know on Facebook if Butters does something he should be grounded for.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Edit

Stephen appears as a boss early into Chapter 3, confronting Professor Chaos and the New Kid when they return to Butters's house to prepare for their infiltration of the Freedom Pals. After berating his son for not coming home last night (due to being imprisoned by Coon and Friends), he grounds both him and the New Kid by locking them in the former's room with a special electronic system. However, the two kids manage to escape when the New Kid comes up with the Haywire buddy ability, allowing Professor Chaos's winged minion to cut the wires on the security system.

Stephen confronts the boys in his living room, stunned that they managed to escape despite being grounded. He "deduces" that the New Kid has some kind of "ungrounding" power before engaging him in battle, announcing that "your evil magic is not welcome here, darkling!" To battle Stephen, the New Kid calls upon Coon and Friends, as well as Call Girl (if her personal mission was completed).

The fight against Stephen Stotch is characterized by his ability to inflict the "Grounded" status on the New Kid's allies, leaving them completely immobile and helpless. Immune to this status, the New Kid's Ultimate ability is replaced by the "Unground" command, which allows them to cure a Grounded ally right next to them. After the initial Grounding, Stephen will attempt to "re-ground" the kids as an area attack that also deals mild damage and Defense Down; avoid the red-striped squares to prevent this from happening. In between Grounding attempts, he can also deliver powerful punches as a melee attack.

Upon being defeated by the New Kid, Professor Chaos, and their allies, Stephen is left unconscious, allowing his son to flee the house before he reawakens.

Quotes Edit

Field/Story Edit

  • "B-but that's impossible! I grounded you! How can you be here right now?"

Battle Edit

  • "You're grounded!" (Using "Grounded" ability)
  • "Now that's some good corporal punishment!"
  • "God dammit!"
  • "Butters! What have I told you about playing with raw energy beams!?"
  • "Butters, you're wasting electricity!"
  • "Wait, who's grounded?" (Confused)
  • "That just makes me more angry at Butters!" (Enraged)
  • "Who should I ground next? Maybe all of you!" (Prepares to use "Grounded" ability)
  • "I'm gonna ground that ungroundable kid even if I have to ground everybody!"
  • "Hey, you're supposed to stay grounded!"
  • "Huh. I could've sworn I was about to ground somebody!"
  • "Dammit! Butters, you are grounded for life!" (After being defeated)
  • "Nooooo!"

Facebook MessagesEdit

Mr stotch facebook message


  • There is a Nazi zombie that looks exactly like him.
  • As a boss in The Fractured But Whole, Stephen cannot be Pissed Off; if a hero attempts this, he'll retort that they're just making him angrier at Butters (much to Butters's dismay).