The She-Ogre is an optional Side-Quest that becomes available during Recruit the Goth Kids.

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Stan has lost his iPhone to an ogre, and he needs your help to get it back!


Speak to Stan while in the Drow Elf Kingdom to learn that he lost his iPad to a She-Ogre. After this, simply walk to his house, which is conveniently located to the left of Kyle's house. Have Stan set as your party member before heading upstairs, or the quest won't proceed. He then tells you which room is the ogre's. Enter the room to learn that the She-Ogre is his sister, Shelly. She tells you to get out, and instantly fights you. True to the series, Shelly is very powerful and isn't advised to fight her if you haven't got much supplies or haven't learned how to use your special attacks very well.


Shelly is no pushover, and can easily deal a lot of damage. It's advised to learn how to block efficiently and to master your best special attacks. Even though she's considered a boss, Summons will work on her and she can be stunned. If players choose to fight her normally, they should unleash everything they've got on her, as her HP is high and her attacks are strong.


  • Melee Attack - Shelly punches her target a few times for moderate damage.
  • Cherry Bomb - Shelly throws a bloody tampon at her target, inflicting damage and causing the Grossed Out status effect.
  • Rage of the Monthlies - Shelly gains Attack Up, then punches her targets more times then she does with her melee attack for moderate damage, at the cost of inflicting one stack of bleeding on herself.
  • The Red Death - Shelly punches her target repeatedly, potentially causing Defense Down 3 times, at the cost of inflicting one stack of bleeding on herself.


Stan finally gets his iPhone back, and threatens to beat Shelly again, to which Shelly yells at both the New Kid and Stan to get out of her room. After this, the quest is done. Optionally, players can re-enter Shelly's room and talk to her for a friend request, and have Shelly mention how she admires your strength.