The Underpants Gnomes are characters in South Park: The Stick of Truth.  

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The Underpants Gnomes are small and wear pointy hats and red shirts with a belt across the front. They have gray pants and black shoes.

Special AttacksEdit

Trangressive Recapitalization - The gnomes summon a huge fire ball that inflicts burning if not blocked.

Reprioritize Task List - The gnomes summon a hail storm that inflicts slow if not blocked.

Promote Synergy - The gnomes summon a big skull that inflicts gross out if not blocked.

Fiscal Impact - The gnomes summon a bunch of fire balls that inflict ability down if not blocked.

Liquidate Assets - The gnomes interact with the sky and shock you with lighting and can deal shock damage if not blocked. This attack is pretty rare.

Aggressive Schedule - The gnomes bring their attack up.

Financial Arbitration - The gnomes drop gold gnome coins that inflict ability down if not blocked.

Gloomy Forecasted Earnings - The gnomes summon snow and frost that inflicts slow if not blocked.

Contemplate Profit - The gnomes heal themselves. This is rare.

Quests GivenEdit

  • Phase One - You must collect underpants for a specific Underpants Gnome for killing the other Gnomes.


Trivia Edit