The Woodland Critters are characters in South Park: The Stick of Truth. They consist of 12 critters, namely Rabbity, Skunky, Beavery, Beary, Woodpeckery, Chickadee-y, Raccoony, Mousey, Squirrely, Deery, Porcupiney and Foxy.


The Woodland Critters' most distinguishing feature is their large, round, shiny eyes.


The Woodland Critters have no role in the story other than Facebook friends. According to a piece of paper found in Stan's bedroom, they are found by entering the Lost Forest and going in the directions right, up, right, down, right, in order. When the player approaches them, they ask the player to accept the true lord Satan as their savior, and if the player does, all 12 critters friend the player on Facebook.

Facebook MessagesEdit

Beary facebook message

Chickadee-y facebook message



  • As seen in the trailer, Beary could be summoned during battles. However, in the final game this decision was scrapped out.

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